About Loza Radar:

Loza is the world’s most powerful Deep Ground Penetrating Radar. Loza DGPR delivers unrivaled high-resolution imaging of the earth’s sub-surface to depths of up to 200m. Loza DGPR is effective in any environment, even with high conductivity (including clay and areas of high salt content), as well as through water.

How it Works:

Loza-N GPRs employ "low-frequency" EM sounding systems and are distinguished from other GPRs by their enhanced performance (signal power) and a lower frequency band of the sounding impulse in order to decrease its attenuation per unit length. Loza Radar uses enhanced transmitters with sounding signal power up to 10,000 times more powerful than traditional GPRs) together with 15MHz or 25MHz antennas which allows it to achieve maximum sounding depths even in wet clayrock and low-resistivity structures.


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