Technology Recognition


The technology is currently protected under RUS Patent No.2248585 (priority date – 15 April 2003; expiration date – 15 April 2023) and RUS Patent No. 2640291 (priority date – 30 September 2016; expiration date – 30 September 2036).
The Existing Patents are held by the three inventors: Andrey Berkut, Pavel Morozov and Vladimir Kopeikin.
Two new patent applications are awaiting filling:
– “Method of deep subsurface pulse radar sounding”. The method patent claim covers the underlying physical and technical principles employed in Loza DGPR to scan the subsurface and interpret the sounding data; and
– “Deep subsurface radar imaging device”. The device patent claim covers the latest version of Loza DGPR, including both hardware and software components of the radar. The patent claim is similar to that of the existing patent in 4.1.1 above, but sufficiently improved so as to encompass our latest R&D – Loza Radar 2K.
The applications are completed and ready for filling. We plan on filing the applications simultaneously in the US and the EU, as well as filling both applications via PCT procedure. The filling will be done on behalf of the IP holding company (to be incorporated in Delaware, USA).

Loza DGPR is certified:

  • ISO Certificate
  • GOST Certificate
  • Certificate of electromagnetic compatibility (Russian Federation)
  • Certificate on electromagnetic compatibility (EU)
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