Mineral Exploration & Production

Mineral Exploration

Our team has extensive experience in near surface mineral resources surveys, including gold, diamonds, coal, iron, base metals, polymetallic minerals, etc. Our current capabilities allow for accurate locating and mapping of alluvial deposits, laterites, intrusives, epithermal vein systems, structurally hosted resources and other geological structures.

Mineral Production

Loza Radar technology has a wide range of applications on the production stage, including, brownfield targets, drill-grid linkage, verification exercises for financial institutions, evaluation of old mines.


Loza Radar technology has proven traction on gold deposits in Russia, Africa and Latin America.


Loza Radar has developed a methodology to explore kimberlite pipes and placer diamonds that was applied at Russian, Australian and African (Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sierra Leone) diamond deposits.


Loza Radar technology has been successfully applied on coal mines in Russia and Africa for locating and mapping coal layers.


The technology has a proven record on copper fields in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia) and Latin America (Chili, Peru).

Drill Hole Planning

Loza Radar is very successful in locating anomalies to drill. This enables far more accurate drill targeting. Judicious use of the Radar may save clients up to 70% of their drill budget.

Drill Hole Interrogation

Where a client has drilled, Loza Radar may be employed to pass across the drill hole to maximize the value of that drill hole, increasing its value of by 20% to 30%.

Open Pit Operations

For open pit operations, Loza Radar can confidently locate voids and karsts, as well as locating the presence of water. This has tremendous value where mine operators need to ensure safety and ensure security of valuable capital equipment.

Verification Exercises for Financial Institutions

Loza Radar is time-effective and provides informative and easy-readable results allowing us to give accurate assessment of the resources. Our technology can be an effective tool for additional verification of prospectivity of the resource.
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