Civil Engineering

Radar does not require space to install equipment and can be easily applied in restrained urban conditions.


Loza Radar is very successful in pre-construction surveying of building sites. The radar can determine volume, composition and properties of the soil, locate load bearing structures, detect structural faults, water and voids. Our method is included in the Construction Norms & Regulations Code in Russia as one of the geophysical methods recommended for ground surveying of construction sites. Unlike other available geophysical methods Loza

Pipeline Installation and Maintenance

Loza Radar’s capabilities allow for surveying of gas pipeline routes to determine any obstacles or voids that can obstruct the pipeline laying. This feature has great value when the pipeline is laid by way of directional drilling since the expensive drilling equipment is easily damaged if it collides with hard rock. Based on our data, the pipeline route can be adjusted so as to avoid any obstacles. The technology also has the capability to detect any disruptions in the pipeline itself which is especially useful in underwater pipelining. The radar has a proven track record with LLC Gazprom Transgaz Moscow.
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