• Real Time Information in Data Collection – Intelligent Exploration

Radar has a “heads up” display, showing the build‐up of the profile and the behavior of each radar shot. This enables the operator to “mark” in real time features of interest. This is a unique capability. Delineation of resources can be achieved with speed and in detail.

• Cost Savings

Reduction of redundant drilling and trenching due to faults, voids, and avoidance of uninteresting areas saves costs. Accurate drill and trench targeting allows for acceleration of resource processing and reduces extraneous costs of searching in areas that are not of interest, whilst also confirming similar resources beyond drilled areas.

• Improving the Clients Marketing

Detailed profile results are informative, easily understandable, colorful, interesting, and can assist in capital raising/investment decision making documentation.

• Unique Power and Depth of Survey.

Due to the unique power of our transmitters Loza Radar provides high resolution data to 200 meters, extending down to 800m in certain conditions (hard and dry rock).

• Mobility

Loza Radar is lightweight, man‐portable, and with only two operatives, can deploy in civilian airliners, small aircraft, 4x4 vehicles and even be operated over water in small boats. A complete radar kit weights altogether max. 50kg.

• Time Efficiency

One Loza Radar team can collect up to 5km of line profiles a day. The data is instantly uploaded to our cloud drive for immediate review and interpretation by our analysts. The speed of our surveys enables the beneficiary of the survey to make decisions with confidence, whilst enabling quick balance sheet growth.

• Visualizations

Loza Radar can accurately locate alluvial horizons, oxidized zones, contacts, ore bodies, voids, faults, etc, and, most importantly, show where there are no structures of interest.
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